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We are very touched and happy to learn this week that the estate of the Bourgeois family in Sancerre has just joined the TOP 50 of the best vineyards in the world among the 7 selected French wine estates.

«This is not just a list of the World’s Best Vineyards, this is a list of the 50 most amazing places to taste wine and learn about winemaking../..All are worth visiting. All offer dazzling views. And all offer terrific wines. These are special places by any standards. But if you love wine, welcome to paradise” says the World’s Best Vineyards.

Below, word for word, is their appreciation of Domaine Henri Bourgeois.

Les Monts damnés

” Henri Bourgeois is a large family-run estate overlooking the small village of Chavignol, just a few kilometres outside the town of Sancerre. This is the very heart of Loire Sauvignon Blanc country, with a perfect view of the prized south-facing Kimmeridgian clay slope of Monts Damnés (the ‘Cursed Hills’) directly opposite the winery – and the ideal place to experience the gastronomic essence of Loire Sauvignon Blanc. “

First family of Sancerre

” For 10 generations, the Bourgeois family has passed down its knowledge and expertise in creating the finest terroir Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noirs (yes, don’t forget Sancerre Pinot Noir!). These days, ninth generation Jean-Marie Bourgeois and the 10th generation of the family, Arnaud, Lionel and Jean-Christophe, each bring their own personal stamp and expertise to this successful estate. “

Take heed, gastronauts…

” The Bourgeois family’s interest are not limited to fine Sauvignon Blanc: see the family-owned La Côte des Monts Damnés Hotel-Restaurant in Chavignol, run by Jean-Marc Bourgeois and his wife, Karin. Having worked in such prestigious restaurants as La Côte Saint-Jacques in Burgundy and Taillevent et Apicius in Paris, Jean-Marc has brought refined, white tablecloth dining of the highest order to La Côte des Monts Damnés restaurant (closed on Tuesday and Wednesdays). The adjoining Bistro des Damnés offers simpler local dishes, such as Crottin de Chavignol and other classic French recipes, in a more informal setting. “

Arnaud, Jean-Marc, Lionel and Jean-Christophe Bourgeois
Arnaud, Jean-Marc, Lionel and Jean-Christophe Bourgeois

Dine amid the vines

” For visitors with a love of the outdoors, in recent years, the famille has come up with a charming new way to enjoy the gourmet Bourgeois experience: with a walk through the vines followed by a picnic made up of local produce put together by star chef Jean-Marc Bourgeois. “

Œnotourisme à Chavignol - Sancerre - France
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