Wine list restaurant in Chavignol

Champagnes & Sweet white wines

Champagne Georges Gardet (Chigny les Roses, Montagne de Reims)

Sweet white wines

Our white wines

Sancerre from the Côte des Monts Damnés, 750mL

* “La Comtesse”, “Les Comtesses” and “Jadis” are located in the heart of the Monts Damnés.

The Côte des Monts Damnés, known since the 11th century for the quality of its wines, belonged then to lords, notables and clergymen of the province. The name “Damnés”, perpetuated until today, expresses the difficulty to work the vine in this so hot and sloping hillside.

Sancerre blanc, 750mL

Village de Chavignol

Village de Bué

Ville de Sancerre

Village de Sury-en-Vaux

Village de Saint-Satur

Village de Verdigny

Loire white wins, 750mL




White wines from Burgundy, 750mL



Côte Chalonnaise

Côte de Beaune

Wines from Alsace, 750mL

Wines from Vallée du Rhône, 750mL

Our rosé wines

Sancerre rosé, 750mL

Vallée du Rhône, 750mL

Our red wines

Sancerre rouge, 750mL

Village de Chavignol

Village de Bué

Village de Menetou-Râtel

Village de Saint-Satur

Village de Sury-en-Vaux

Village de Verdigny

Village de Thauvenay




Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil


Vins de Bourgogne rouge, 750mL

Côte de Nuits

Domaine Emmanuel Rouget (successor to Henri Jayer)

Côte de Beaune


Wines from Vallée du Rhône, 750mL

Northern vintages

Southern vintages

Wines from Languedoc-Roussillon, 750mL

Wines from Bordeaux, 750mL


Bordeaux Supérieur


Saint Émilion Grand Cru



Saint Julien

Wines of the New World

Argentina, 750mL

Italy, 750mL

New-Zealand, 750mL

Clos Henri Vineyard – Marlborough Where to find the closest wines to our old France? In the Marlborough region! With its cool climate, strong seasons and exceptional terroir, the Marlborough region produces Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Noirs of a rare balance, unique each year. Clos Henri is a vineyard entirely planted, worked, and vinified with the knowledge and experience of ten generations of Henri Bourgeois in Chavignol.