The « Restaurant la Côte des Monts Damnés »

Gastronomic Menus

Les Vallées Gourmandes 45.50 €

Fish or Meat

La Grande Côte de Chavignol 49.50 €

Fish or Meat,
Cheese & Sweet

La Côte des Monts Damnés 61.00 €

Cheese & Sweet

Menu Vigneron 58.00 €

Fish or Meat,
Cheese & Sweet
2 glasses of 10cl of Sancerre & Gourmandise

Menu Dégustation 75.00 €

A glass of Champagne
Starter, Fish, Meat,
Cheese & Sweet,
Coffee & Cakes


Huge Goat Cheese Tagliatelle with Nutmeg Butter (Speciality)
Norway Lobster fried, Madagascar vanilla white butter sauce, fresh herbs salad (Suppl. 4 €)
Foie Gras from « Doudou », poached in red Sancerre, stewed quince and ginger bread

Fish & Meat

Marinated Scottish salmon with fennel seeds, cream of peas with anise (Badiane), sour cream and caviar
Omble Chevalier fillet (Lake fish) poached in smoked milk, Bette and horns fricassee, white goosefoot,
yellow wine butter (Jura wine)
Roasted Rack and Saddle of Lamb, Chick Pea Mousseline flavoured with Lemon and Sesame,
Sweet Spice Cromesquis and its juice (Suppl. 2 €)
Roasted rump of Veal citronella, White and Green Asparagus and five berries Stock Veal


Warm Grand-Marnier Soufflé
Like a red fruits saint-Honoré, light liquorice cream, Strawberry Mara des bois Sorbet
Quince Vacherin, biscuit and creamy roasted nuts
Chocolate Brownie, Mint Mousse & Green Mint Iced Cream