The « Restaurant la Côte des Monts Damnés »


Jean-Marc Bourgeois is delighted to welcome you to his establishment.
Chef Frédéric Collin and his team are delighted to introduce you to their culinary universes.
A passion for the good, the beautiful and the love of the produce and seasons of our beautiful Berry region.

Signature Menu

Discovery Menu

Starter- main course - dessert €48.50

Starter - main course €39

Main course - dessert €39


Crabmeat, “cotriade” thin kelly and sea water


Stuffed Onion “carbonara”, Sancerre ham, broth with walnut oil


Toasted Pike in thin muslin, shellfish juice and potatoe gnocchis


Poultry in sage velvet, pearled barley and perfumed juice with green cardamom


Paris-Brest “La Côte des Monts Damnés”


Hot mandarin orange soufflé and Grand marnier


Chavignol plate (local goat cheese)